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by David S. Cochran

It’s a pretty basic proposition. Reduce data sizes earlier in a matter and you will save money. It’s that simple. But, as the recent presidential debates make clear, there is always nuance to every message.

Cost avoidance, by implementing a data mapping process prior to custodial interviews, ensures that the legal team will know where data resides. This reduces potentially non-relevant data prior to actually collecting it. Then, applying a targeted data collection process reduces the data even further.

So, the data has now been reduced through interviews and collection techniques. What’s next?

There has been great discussion on how predictive coding and other forms of technology can save a client time and money. What’s missing? The nuance. These approaches don’t go far enough early enough in the process. They don’t make as much of an impact as they could at being efficient and reducing costs. And, these approaches are built for large matters and are not a fit for every project.

Traditional early case assessment is not enough. A Pre-Review Technology or “PRT” solution goes above and beyond by including a comprehensive tool set to drastically and efficiently reduce the data volumes earlier in the process regardless of the size.

1. Search completely processed data. Without completely processed data, (embedded objects, image types OCRd, spreadsheets formatted correctly, etc.) there is no confident process to ensure the data is all there to search.
2. Conceptual searching to perform analytics. Applying analytics earlier in the process provides more knowledge about the collection.
3. Email threading. View the conversations of custodians with email and attachment analysis.
4. Mobile data inclusion. Mobile data collection is an emerging component for every matter. There must be a seamless process to collect the data and import it into the PRT solution.
5. Tagging data to promote to a managed review platform. The tagging at this stage can then be loaded to a managed review platform to make the review even more efficient.
6. Detailed reporting. Validate your approach and defensibility. Detailed Search Analysis Reports provide a chain of custody during the culling and filtering process as well as defensibility so you know how you did, what you did.
7. No additional costs. There should be no charge for accessing these tools in a PRT solution.

One or two legal team members can drill down into the data and potentially reduce the data by 90% before it even gets to the expensive managed review portion of the project.

Pre-Review Technology should be used for all types and sizes of matters. Through PRT, a legal team can be more efficient, better understand their data, reduce its size, maintain it for future need, analyze it and do it at significantly reduced costs.

Exego Select is the leader in Pre-Review Technology and incorporates all of these tools and functionality.


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